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   Shane Wilson's Guide to Recording

  Price: $69.95
  Available now!

Follow engineer Shane Wilson as he demonstrates tried and true tracking methods, that are rarely learned by an intern, all in the context of a real-time tracking session.
About Shane Wilson
Shane Wilson's extensive discography includes Switchfoot, Third Day, Mercy Me, Owsley, David Crowder Band and Big Kenny. Although he still loves tracking, he mostly enjoys continued demand as a mix engineer. You can reach him through his myspace page.
    Just some of the secrets revealed:
  • Drum miking
  • Bass guitar - amp vs. DI
  • Compression for acoustic guitar
  • Stacking electric guitar tones
  • Vocals - miking / EQ / compression
  • Keyboards - piano / B3 organ / Wurlitzer
Shane explains his techniques in detail and more importantly, what he's thinking as he adjusts his settings.
  • Over two hours of documentary footage
  • The same musical performance featured in Shane Wilson's Guide to Mixing
  • All gear settings shown close up
  • Studio setup - a complete rundown of Shane's tracking rig
  • A second data DVD containing two sets of 24-bit audio files
    - Processed: The files as recorded by Shane in the session
    - Unprocessed: Same performances, simultaneously recorded from the output of the mic preamp.
Bonus: A roundtable discussion between Shane, Russ Long, and Lynn Fuston of, about the challenges of audio comparisons.